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Case Studies

We've done most things over the years, here are a few examples...we do more than just provide an urgent courier service in Bournemouth 

Case 1

Where's my passport?

A client was at Heathrow airport and about to check in for their flight abroad when they realised they'd left their passports at home in Poole. They made one phone call to us to get a courier organised, one phone call to a neighbour to let us into their house to retrieve the passports, less than 2 hours later the courier handed over the passports in time for the flight.


Case 2

Medical emergency.

One of our clients manufactures heart valves; a patient was in surgery in a West Country Hospital for a new valve. The valve in the surgical kit was found to be faulty. One of  our couriers collected the replacement and sped off (within the speed limits of course) for the hospital.

A short time later (and we really can't say just how short)  the valve was in the hands of the medical team and the patient made a full recovery. 


Case 3

AoG Emergency!

London Gatwick Airport and a Jumbo jet has a component failure whilst the ground handling team are doing the turn around checks. At the gate very shortly will be several hundred  passengers. The cost implications of a delayed or cancelled flight can be horrendous and so a courier was despatched to a large aircraft spares company at Hurn Airport to collect the replacement part. The courier made good time, the passengers had only a short wait whilst the engineers fitted the part and the plane continued safely to it's destination.


Case 4

Where's my Bunny?

"Just thought you would like to see the happiness you delivered on the 20th Aug this year when we left behind our 3 year olds comforter bunny, you arrived at Gatwick Airport departures just in time, everyone thought we were mad paying for a despatch rider but I think it was worth every penny & it would have been a miserable holiday for all if 'bunny' wasn't there!Hayley at Tucker and Assoc.

Edit:   many years on, the girl is now a teenager and she still has bunny.  We were called in to run some urgent documents from Hayley to Twickenham to meet with eager recipients, great to be able help you once more.

Case 5

Slightly less dramatic than bunny.....

though equally relevant, a major bank used to have one of its staff make a daily round of visits by car to several other branches of the bank to deliver and collect paperwork. They realised what a waste of resources it was to use a highly valued staff member for such a task and we were contracted to do it for them.  This saved the bank, time, money and resources.


"Once again your company has fulfilled its promise. We arranged for a collection in Reading this morning and have just received the goods here in Christchurch. As usual your driver was totally efficient and courteous."


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